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    Be advisearre dat skerm ynstellings meie beynfloedzje hoe't jo sjogge kleuren en tekstueren op dyn apparaat.

  • Plastic Rûnde Stoel

    Simple rûne stoel. Corners ôfrûne. Hege kwaliteit PP.

  • S Dining Stoel

    Ienfâldige S style stoel. Moaie S kromme. Hege kwaliteit PP.

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    Creditable Yntegriteit

    Yntegriteit is in inborn morele oertsjûging te dwaan wat is rjocht, en wegerje.

  • 02

    Effektive Team Wurk

    Teamwork leart minsken hoe te krijen tegearre mei oare minsken ek al dingen binne net hinne harren wei.

  • 03


    Kwaliteitssoarch helpt in bedriuw meitsje produkten en tsjinsten dy't foldogge oan easken fan klanten.

  • Autumn Is Here

    Today is Autumn, 7th, and first day of Autumn, in chinese we called it ” 立秋”, the day means Autumn is coming, and the hot summer is over. This morning, when I ride bike on road to my office, I look at the cloud and sky, feel the fresh air, it’s feel so good. A new reason is coming,...

  • I Am Back

    Long time no see, I miss all of you very much Firstly say sorry to all my customers, friends, I have about one month no update the news. Recently, I am always busy online exhibation and inspection for new commodity in factory. So no update news on time.  Speaking year of 2020, it’s a specia...

  • Disposable Medical Mask Available

    It looks like a joke, but it is true. During the hard time of COVID-19,  our most quantity export to over seas is Mask. It’s a better thing to our company, but I feel a little sorrow, I hope no one will use it again soon, hope all will be return to normal. Firstly, we send facial mask to ou...

  • Our Advantage, You Need To Know.

    Today is a sunny day, I feel happy, because I have one new order of 5 containers issued to UK, thanks to my customers, and thanks to god, who always support me at anytime.  In order to get more familiar with our company, now I will introduce our company from some aspects.  The first one is we hav...

  • Home Furniture New Products Arrival.

    From May, Our factory will produce new product, Bed, Soft, Tabel for Tea and TV. Do you have interested in them? Some photo to show you firstly, if feel interested, pls feel free to contact us. Gas Lift Bed.  


CO-LINKED Furniture Co., Ltd, located in Shengfang Town, Langfang City, which is one of the leading manufactures base of furniture in China. We could supply all kinds of Chairs and Tables,  all indoor furnitures, and also could product Tub Chairs, Eames Chairs accordingly to customized. We could products one container within 2 working days, and finish orders on time, because of our high level of production ability and our high quality equipment.

We specialize in manufacturing high quality home furniture, exporting to oversea market, and trading with clients from all over the world.Our product lines including: Dining Table, Dining Chair, Coffee Table, Coffee Chair, Tub Chair, Eames Chair,  etc.

Based on our qualified furniture and mutual effore of team workers, our company  have received prosperous market feedback from our clients in Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Australia and Russia etc.

Us ûnderfinings yn gearwurkjende mei GROUP bedriuw, Jelgersma, gruthannel, ymporteur fan oer de hiele wrâld, sil soargje jo genietsje fan hege kwaliteit produkten, konkurrearjende prizen, op-tiid shipment en klantrjochte tsjinsten jo ea belibbe.

If any other information you want to news, please feel free to contact us, thanks.



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