Autumn Is Here

Today is Autumn, 7th, and first day of Autumn, in chinese we called it ” 立秋”, the day means Autumn is coming, and the hot summer is over. This morning, when I ride bike on road to my office, I look at the cloud and sky, feel the fresh air, it’s feel so good. A new reason is coming, Autumn means harvest. Hope everyone will have his own fruit in this season. 

The year is very special to everyone, it’s must be. But everyone will hope the year will be over soon, I believe, and hope never will meet it again during the balance life, because of the covid-19. At the end of Jan, China found the virus from Wuhan City, then expend quickly during the city and all over China, but local government took effective measures to control it, including close the city of Wuhan, to control the virus expand. Withe the effective control of government, and people make effort to protect personal, almost leave in home without need to go out side,  wear protection glasses and facial mask at everywhere, we got big success at end of Mar, and almost all workers return to their work place at end  of Mar, later at beginning of Apr. All of us hope will get a new beginning at Apr, but terrible things happened, the covid-19 expands all over world swiftly. Till now, more than 10 million people have infected with the virus. Because of it, all faces were affected this year, not just in economically, but also people’s life. 

Today is a new beginning of season, and hope it’s a new day of our life. Hope all bad things will leave us from today, and all people will have happy and rich life from now. 

Finally, send my best wishes to all my friends, family, customers, who support me all the time. 


Post time: Aug-07-2020