Good Revert For Our Dining Chair From Consignee

Today, we have get 3 customers revert, our containers for dining chairs shipped in first week of Mar, so the chairs and tables arrival at their warehouse last week. The 3 customers come from UK, Germany and France. All of them are our regular customers for dining chairs and tables. One from UK purchased the Eames Chairs every time. Customer from Germany usually orders the beech chair leg for whole container, because they have own working line, and they will use their own chair base and our legs to install together, then sell them to local suparmarket and final users. The customer from France like our TULIP WOODEN CHAIR mostly, so the bigger order for them is tulip chair.

And this morning, they contact me for discussing new orders, and also expressed their thanks to me, not for the delivery on time to grateful, but mainly expressed we have delivery facial mask and single used gloves we have send to them for free. All of know, the COVID-19 expanded all over the world since last month, so for all orders sent in Mar, we have send mask and gloves together with dining furniture to them, but mask and gloves is free. Every container, we have load 1000 pcs mask and 1000 set gloves, of course, we apply customs at POL accordingly to local government request. So the customer feel very happy when they got it in hand, because we are not only the business partner but also friends, they feel warm when received this greetings from us.

All our customers all over the worlds, are my friends, we hope you are fine and hope the virus will be controlled soon, and all nature will come to normal and tomorrow will be more brighter, lets build friend relationship together with biz relationship.

SET 2 Eames Leg Eames Set

Post time: Apr-20-2020