Our Advantage, You Need To Know.

Today is a sunny day, I feel happy, because I have one new order of 5 containers issued to UK, thanks to my customers, and thanks to god, who always support me at anytime. 

In order to get more familiar with our company, now I will introduce our company from some aspects. 

The first one is we have our own furniture factory of total 3. One is manly produced dining chairs, tables, and furniture parts, suck as legs, or chair base. The second one is mainly produced bed, all kind of bed, including metal bed, gas lift bed, sofa folded bed, or relatives. The 3 one is produced plant stand, including bamboo plant stand, or beech flower pot bracket, and metal flower shelf. 

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The first 2 factory, mainly produce dining chairs, tables beds, are located in Shengfang town, Bazhou City, is near to TIANJIN port, and very convenient for shipment to export. The most is, because it’s our own factory, so our furniture will have most competitive rate, But the quality is the best, I could make sure it to you. Our trade company located in TIANJIN city, just need half an hour could arrive factory by highspeed train. So we often go to factory to inspect our dining chairs, tables, beds, at any time. Sometimes we go to there, to discuss some items with our designers, and sometimes we go on there for inspection the sample, or even we go there for inspection of loading. Also we go there accompany our customers, who visit our factory.  So are you familiar with our factory? The cost we quote will be the most competitive, because we do not have any mid-man who could add the profit. And the quality is control well, because we could discuss all items or details with our designers, workers, at anytime. 


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The 3 factory located in Cao town Shandong  province, mainly produce plant stand, Cao town is famous for wooden products, and we also have our branch office there, the quality you need not to be worry, we could make sure, all we supplied is the best with the most competitive rate, because, it will be direct business relationship between supplier and customers. 


In addition, our advantage is expressed on logistics cost saving. Our trade company located in TIANJIN, it’s no. 3 biggest seaport in China. We have NVOCC agent under our trade company name, so we could arrange booking space and loading container, and full container gate in port by our selves which means, the cost for logistics will be the lowest, so the advantage will be more obvious. do you think so?

The most difficult we meet is, when you will contact us to build business relationship? I am waiting for you here. Just a joking here at end of words, but it’s my honest wish, we could build cooperation through this website, together with friendship at same time. China is a beautiful country, and people are kind and hospitable, so if you love China, pls send a message to me~


Finally, during hard time of COVID-19, hope everything goes well at your side. 


Post time: Apr-29-2020