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  • Autumn Is Here

    Autumn Is Here

    Today is Autumn, 7th, and first day of Autumn, in chinese we called it ” 立秋”, the day means Autumn is coming, and the hot summer is over. This morning, when I ride bike on road to my office, I look at the cloud and sky, feel the fresh air, it’s feel so good. A new reason is coming,...
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  • I Am Back

    I Am Back

    Long time no see, I miss all of you very much Firstly say sorry to all my customers, friends, I have about one month no update the news. Recently, I am always busy online exhibation and inspection for new commodity in factory. So no update news on time.  Speaking year of 2020, it’s a specia...
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  • Our Advantage, You Need To Know.

    Our Advantage, You Need To Know.

    Today is a sunny day, I feel happy, because I have one new order of 5 containers issued to UK, thanks to my customers, and thanks to god, who always support me at anytime.  In order to get more familiar with our company, now I will introduce our company from some aspects.  The first one is we hav...
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  • Home Furniture New Products Arrival.

    Home Furniture New Products Arrival.

    From May, Our factory will produce new product, Bed, Soft, Tabel for Tea and TV. Do you have interested in them? Some photo to show you firstly, if feel interested, pls feel free to contact us. Gas Lift Bed.  
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  • Good Revert For Our Dining Chair From Consignee

    Good Revert For Our Dining Chair From Consignee

    Today, we have get 3 customers revert, our containers for dining chairs shipped in first week of Mar, so the chairs and tables arrival at their warehouse last week. The 3 customers come from UK, Germany and France. All of them are our regular customers for dining chairs and tables. One from UK pu...
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  • Be Yourself

    Be Yourself

    Be Yourself is a name of a song, singed by one famours singer. But here, in my opinion, it have deeper implication. All people know that, it’s the hard time, because of COVID-19 expanding all over the world. Most of people’s life are affected for of virus, even some office or company ...
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  • Busy Week.

    Busy Week.

    It’s a busy week. From Mar, 23th to 27th, becuase covid-19 is controlled in our country effectively, so our work and life go to normal step by step. I worked in furniture factory for two days, to keep the order for Santos is goes smoothly and best quality. Recently, almost all workers go b...
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  • Painting Department.

    The main department of produce is painting, because if could not paint well, the whole plant stand will be fail. We have pay more effort  to painting , and all our flower bracket, and plant stand go well after painting, the rate of sell will be good.
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  • You and Me, All Will Be Fine.

    You and Me, All Will Be Fine.

    Recently, more and more countries occured coronavirus, we feel sorrow. We, lived in China, also have same situation with all people, but we have confidenc to defeat it. Believe in us, all people all wolrd will defeat it smoothly, just need some time. I keep my hands accrossed  to prey, god will b...
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